Yaa Jackson Reacts To Oseikrom Sikanii Calling Her Ugly Back In The Day

Yaa Jackson, an actress and artist, has reacted to her colleague Oseikrom Sikanii’s choice to humiliate her using an old video since she was allegedly quite unattractive back then.

Yaa Jackson’s look at the time was scary, but she has now developed horns since she claims to be a slay queen solely because she has a mansion in Accra, according to Oseikrom Sikanii, who shared the video on social media yesterday.

These two actors are apparently pals, so this is merely a joke.

As a result, Yaa Jackson requested that Oseikrom Sikanii leave her alone because his previous images or movies may be worse than hers.She went on to say that she wouldn’t mind him and revealed a hilarious conversation she had with Oseikrom Sikanii after he posted the video online.

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