Jackie Appiah is Allegedly Sleeping With A Top Nigerian Politician- Nigerian IG Blogger Reveals

Jackie Appiah has been accused of sleeping with a popular Nigerian politician with other top Nollywood actresses, according to a Nigerian Instagram blogger.

Jackie Appiah is not as hardworking as she appears to be, and her wealth is not derived from her acting career, as we have all been conditioned to believe, according to Gist Lover, who went to dine with Satan himself to obtain this information.

Gistlover demonstrated daring by publishing a photo of the well-heeled Nigerian politician who has been “chopping” Jackie Appiah like Christmas Jollof.

She went on to say that Jackie Appiah’s pricey and luxurious holidays, as well as the fashionable outfits she wears for engagements, are paid for by David Sabo, a well-known politician in Abuja.

As if that wasn’t enough, Gist Lover revealed how Jackie Appiah ditched the Nigerian politician in favor of pursuing a wealthy married businessman who recently sponsored her trip to the Maldives and also purchased her a spanking new Massaretti.

She also revealed how the man has been traveling all over the world with Jackie Appiah while abandoning his poor and innocent wife.

Gistlover also encouraged young women who work legitimate jobs to make ends meet not to be envious of our popular female celebrities’ fabricated lives that are broadcast on the internet since they do a lot of bad things behind the scenes.


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