How To Activate Split Screen On Android 

What is the Split Screen On Android?

The Android split screen allows users to utilize two separate mobile applications on several windows at the same time on their Android phones. The Android split-screen functionality isn’t available on all Android phones; it’s more popular on newer models, and some apps don’t support it.

We’ll show you how to enable the multitasking effect so you can use multiple mobile apps on the same screen in this article.

For example, if you utilize this method, you should be able to use Google Chrome and WhatsApp on the screen without any problems. You may also use the multitasking effect to run social media apps like Tiktok and Snapchat.

How To e Split-Screen On Android

Follow these 4 easy steps to activate the Split-Screen On Android:

We will use both Whatsapp and Google Chrome in this illustration. In this scenario, Our Mobile App (A) will be Whatsapp, whereas our Mobile App (B) will be Google Chrome (B)

Step one:  On your Android device, press the app switcher button located near the bottom of your mobile screen.

Step two:  Tap and hold the icon of the WhatsApp Mobile App (A) and hold the app’s body.  For example, On Samsung devices, tap Split-screen or Open in split-screen view.

Step three:  Select Google Chrome, our Mobile App (B) to activate in split-screen mode.

Step four: Congratulations, You activated split-screen on your Android device to use both Whatsapp and Google Chrome.

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